Geometry Intersect All - Not working

Hi, I am trying to find intersection of all lines (grid) but seems the Geometry Intersect all doesn’t work and as you can see the list is empty.

Processing: test3.dyn…

Can you repost the image with node previews turned on so we can see the data you’re passing through your nodes? A Dynamo background preview might be helpful as well.

Processing: test3.dyn…

I am new in the forum it doesn’t allow me uploading my dynamo file.

That’s fine. We just need to see the node previews (like you’re showing on Geometer.IntersectAll) for the rest of your nodes so we can see what’s happening. I’m guessing you just need to use list levels or cross-product lacing.

Hi Nick, here is the link for dynamo file.

Unfortunately, we can’t read the nodes now as you’re too far zoomed out. Make sure you use the Dynamo screenshot function when taking a screenshot of your graph to avoid this.

As I said though, it looks like an issue with list levels. Set your first input to @L1 or change the lacing to cross-product for the IntersectAll node.

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Thank you Nick. As per your suggestion I changed the lacing to cross product on IntersectAll node, it worked. I am very new in dynamo, would you mind explaining why this was an issue.

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IntersectAll still expects that you are intersecting one object from the first input with all other objects from the second input. In order to have it compare all of one input with all of the other input you need to tell it to use cross-product lacing (or list levels). I highly recommend you go through the Dynamo Primer and get comfortable with all the basics.

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