Help with Lists / Geometry Intersection Check

Hi all,

I am trying to determine whether geometry of several elements intersects with the geometry of one element, and get a boolean for each individual element I can use to filter the elements.

I have the geometry in the model which appears to be a list of lists each containing one individual solid.

I think the Geometry.DoesIntersect node will only accept one input, I am only getting one output no matter how many elements/lists I give it.

I am new to Dynamo and don’t know how to feed it a list one item at a time. Is it possible to do this, can anyone help? I tried using the BoundingBox.GetElementsIntersect node from Bimorph, but it is not reporting whether the geometry intersects, only if the theoretical elements intersect, also it seems to leave ghost bounding boxes in the model view in Revit.

Thank you!

Perhaps a picture would help us :slight_smile:

I solved it! It will take multiple inputs, but the lists must be flattened, and the number of inputs has to match the number of outputs. Here is my solution, is there a node that does this?

Why not just set the lacing and list levels correctly for the Geometry.DoesIntersect?

Use the longest lacing on the Intersect node like so;

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Got it, thanks! I will clean it up this way.

Here is an explainer in case anyone in the future needs more explanation:

Lacing in Dynamo Explained (

My script wasn’t before but now it is leaving big orange bounding boxes in my model. How can I hide/delete these?

EDIT: I see they disappear when you close Dynamo so not a big deal. I’m learning. :slight_smile:

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