Geometry.Intersect not working (again!)

Hi All,

I’m trying to intersect walls of my model with cable trays. I don’t understand why it’s not working … I’ve done the same for pipes and ducts, and it was working …
I’ve tried in a smaller project and it works. But I’m trying it for my whole model, Geometry.Intersect is not working anymore …
Are there some specific settings? Is there a way to be sure that it will work?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Best Regards,

Best Regards,

I see that you flatten the wall list. Is the other list (with the cable trays) also flat?

No, it’s not woking.
I’ve been using the same file for a smaller model and it’s working.
Is it possible to think that Dynamo can’t do Geometry.Intersect when it’s a big model?

I don’t think so.
Is it giving you only “empty lists”?
I think there might be a problem if one of the input is flat list a[] and the other is list of lists a[][].

Yes it is. You’re most likely working in mm. I’ve reported this issue a while back.

You could try restarting revit, switching your project to meters and performing the intersection then.

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thanks, this is good to know!

Thank you for your answer, but my project is already in “meters” …

Then as an alternative you could try the following: scale your geometry down, intersect it, and then finally scale it back up to its original size.

If that doesn’t help, then the problem is most likely somewhere else.