Geometry.DoesIntersec doesn't work well

Hello there,

I’m struggling with a bloc that doesn’t work as intended.

My goal is to join lines created in Dynamo from the center of a geometry (Objects that i want to transform in Walls), to use Wall.ByLine atfer.
It’s work not that good because lines aren’t joined, so wall aren’t joined either.

To know which lines I need to extend/join, I create circles (Diameter of wall width) at the start and end of lines, in order to check which circles intersect each other to get index of lines I need to join.

I have a list of circle that I group by key.

Then I use Geometry.DoesIntersect with a cross product, in order to get index of true.

My issue is that this works only with one list, not with a list of list. And because I don’t know how many sublist i could have in the futur, i can’t do this manually…

Is there a method to bypass this node ? I couldn’t figure it out until now.

The node that doesn’t work (sorry, counld’t insert 2 pictures in my post) :

Hi, instead of intersecting with circle, try creating a solid sphere or surface from circle (if all circle are in same plane) and check again for intersection.