Geometry: failure to make surfaces

Hi, I’m a little struggling to generate a surface from the series of lines in the attached definition.

In Dynamo

help pls

super_t_geometry.dyn (72.4 KB)

Are you trying to create one surface or multiple surfaces? I’m guessing your lines don’t create a closed loop. Can you show a preview of your lines?

Hi, Nick trying to generate a single surface.

The mirrored geometry isn’t closed.

Geometry appears coplanar coordinates relate to each other as they were generated from the previous point.

Thought it might be tolerance or working range.


Surface.ByPatch requires a single closed curve. Use PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves to create a polycurve for your patch. You may also need to try Group Curves from Archi-lab to make sure your curves form a closed curve.

Thank’s Nick I had an extra line in the mix, luckily I’m improving with my list management.