Polysurface Perimeter Curves (not expected result)

Hey everyone, So i created a poly surface and i now what to get the curves of the poly surface and its giving me the uncombined surface geometry. What am i doing wrong? the surface should only have the perimeter lines.

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Try using the node Surface.ByUnion instead of the PolySurface.ByJoinedSurfaces node :slight_smile:

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hey Daan, Thanks for the response! what package has the surface by union?

It should be OOTB, what version of Dynamo are you using?
( This node was added into Dynamo 2.3 )

@Daan ahh… im still on 2.0.4. Is 2.3 available for revit 2019?

I don’t know, i am using 2020 exclusively :slight_smile:

well… looks like i need to start using 2020. upgrade timeee… let me know if you have a solution around upgrading! thanks for the response though!

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found a work around. Just extrude curves as solid then solid union. and then filter by the surface you want.

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