Geometry extraction

Hey guys I want to report a problem that am facing. Maybe someone can help, don’t know what am missing.

The idea it was to get the coordination of points from dynamo and place it as text on the plan, but when I tried to do that I found there is different between geometry extracted from dynamo and spot coordination which can be done directly from revit. as you see in the picture below.


I don’t know why this happening, and just to know I already read the points with respect to base point as it should be, is it possible that dynamo not that accurate to make these mistakes !!!. check the picture below for the created Dyn.

Your help is appreciated

Check the project base point, survey point, and hard coded origin against these numbers. My first guess is they are off by 480,246,748 units by 2,759,607,418 units.

My second guess is this is a units issue and you’re reporting feet English not metric or something along those lines.


thank you Jacob for your comment.

For units both of them in mm. check pic below.


And about base point it token with respect to base point as u see below.


the thing I start to believe is something wrong with dynamo cause I checked CAD as well and it’s the same of revit spot coordination.

Where is the 0,0,0 point relative to these points? Use dynamo to place a line from at 0,0,0 to the point you are indicating.



wt about it ?

Hard to see, but does that 0,0,0 point match the survey point or project base point? May need to see the rvt to explain and I won’t be around the office to try that until later tonight.

good way to think actually, I got wt u r try to saying, I will check it and let u know

I just checked and both the same but there is only one message I am afraid if it’s the reason.

I already but the range extra large but still showing.

thank you for helping Jacob

So, Can anybody help still facing the same problem.

Think you’re going to have to change the units to get around that. :frowning:

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solved, it was about orientation…

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