Geometry.DistanceTo not working as expected

Not sure what is going on but I have 29 base points coming from List.Chop. There is one point per List (see image). For each one of these points in List.Chop, there are 20 points in Curve.PointAtParameter. There are 20 points in each list under Curve.PointAtParameter. I have Lacing in Geometry.DistanceTo set to “Longest”.

What I expect to come out of Geometry.DistanceTo is 29 Lists, each with 20 numerical distances. What is coming out instead in just one numerical distance. Any ideas on what is happening?

Thank you,



I am not sure what is going on here, but if you take your base points and List.Chop with length 1 and then feed it into other. Feed your points into geometry. Set Geometry.DistanceTo to longest and then Flatten, set to longest, it should work. See below.

You don’t need to Chop