Geometry.DistanceTo is not working

Dear Dynamo experts,

I tried to make the size of perforation vary based on the distance from a certain point at each panel.

but in some reason “Geometry.DistanceTo” node turns to yellow and not working. I assume the hierarchy of list for panelization and reference point is correct.

I am wondering if I missed something. If so, can you guide me please?

Revit and Dyn files are attached. Perf test Geometry Distance Geometry distance

Thank you for your help in advance!!!

The nodes in the screen shot are unreadable and there doesn’t seem to be a .dyn attached

Geometry distance

Perf test


Thank you for reply. I added Revit and Dyn files again.

If you still cannot see them, please let me know again.

On 1.0 works well as it is


On 0.9.2 need to use List.Combine



Thank you for your advice. It worked! I went further to make perforated panel using surface trim as you guided in your previous post.

unfortunately, Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves is not working. I am afraid that other list manipulations are messed up in this script.

Can you enlighten me how yours and mine are working differently please?

I attached Revit, Dyn and screen capture for your reference. Perf test Geometry-distance-2

Thank you so mush for your help!