Lacing not working...?

Hi all,
I have two lists to process in a Geometry.DistanceTo node.

First list contains two lists, first of 16 items, the second 3.
Second list contains 2 items, 4 items each.

I need the result to be same structure as first list, that is 16 items plus 3…

I tried all levels and lacing, I just cannot get it.

The closest I got is in the screenshot, where everything seems okay, except the first list is truncated at 4 items, instead of 16…

Basically, every item in the first list is some geometry of elements (listed by view and then by elements, thus the two level list), and the second list has the boundaries of view-ports (two lists of 4 lines each).

I need a list with the same structure as the geometry by view (first list), with the distance values…

I have setup lacing and levels for many scripts, and I have always found the combination I needed, but not this time… :frowning:

thank you


It is a lacing problem, check this reply that is really similar to your issue
look at auto in the bottom corner of node: it should be at least longest or cross product because auto switch to shortest in many cases. It mean that when he reach the end of a list (one of them) it stop the execution, that’s why you have 4 and not 16 values.

That is what I thought, exactly, it looks like a short lace.

But believe me, I tried everything! Including long lacing and cross lacing.

So either the geometry distance node is faulty (wrong lacing) or… not sure what else.

In any case, I resolved this specific problem by simplifying the data structure…

thank you