Perforated Panels in REVIT

Hi everyone!
I needed to make a perforated architectural panel with the ability to change the pattern.
I found the right video and tried to repeat everything that was said on it.(Perforated Panels in REVIT using Dynamo - DynamoBIM.Ru)
But as a result, the geometry for some reason is not created. I am using the Springs node package, DirectShape.ByGeometry nodes. Maybe someone can explain what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it? Or mb i can do it another way, more correct and practical?
Perforated panel.dyn (58.0 KB)

Try creating a family not a direct shape. Spring Nodes Package has some nodes for creating loadable families. After you create the family, the next step is to place an instance of that family in the project.

Thank you,
i tried to use node FamilyInstance.ByGeometry, and transformated my surface into the solid, but i doesn’t work again :frowning:

Perforated panel.dyn (68.2 KB)

If you are in 2022 then try ootb direct shape as it should work…and if you want it as family try synthezise toolkit “family insert”;

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Yes, i decided that family will be better, but what do u mean “synthezise toolkit “family insert””? Need some changes in node FamilyInstance.ByGeometry or something another? Just not very good in python yet

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Synthezise toolkit is a package you can download via package manager…did you try with OOTB direct shape node ?

sorry me, but i can’t find corect node in OOTB direct shape node, that could transfered dynamo geometry to Revit
And i tried this node from Synthezise toolkit, cought some mistacke

Perforated panel.dyn (71.6 KB)

Try to make a search in library…I mean this one here from Synthezise…

ah, thank you very much
tried DirectShape.ByGeometry and it work!) but it did me some strange form while in dynamo it looked normal

And i tried K-Family Insert and it work too, and more correctly
But in that place with solid i got something like hollow extrusion element

alright…you could try to play around with these ootb nodes here as well…

i’ll try, thank u very much!

excuse me again, but i have another question) Mb u know how can i coloring my panal in gradiet in Dynamo and got the same view in Revit? something like this, but on Revit Family? i tried to color surfaces (and this good on dynamo, but i can’t transponse it to revit)