GeniusLoci package, can't find merge.mergepdf

I am making the transition to revit 2020 and am updating all my dynamoscripts.
Downloading all the latest packages. So i also downloaded the Genius|Loci package. But the package doesn’t contain the merge.mergepdf node anymore…

Hi @Arno_De_Lange,

The MergePDF node is based on an external library (dll) that can crash Revit during the update of the package with Dynamo 2.02. That’s why I temporarily abandoned this node.
I haven’t yet checked if the problem with the package manager was set with Dynamo 2.03 or Dynamo 2.1.

Anyways, I can reintegrated the node if you need it. :grinning: Let me know.

Thanks for replying so quickly… we used that node about…8 times a day…LOL… it is in one of our most important scripts.
So if you could do the effort to set it up for Dynamo 2.1 that would be amazing.

Hey all,

I had presumed that it was depreciated because of the Print.MergePDF in Orchid in 2.0.3

I’ve been using that node without problem.

It would be amazing if the node could check for a list of files to exist before it starts… If I have large files I need to manually delay the execution of the merge.

Hope that’s of interest,


Hi Arno,

I reintegrated the MergePDFs node in the last update of the Genius Loci package.

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i got 2019.5.26, but don’t see the merge pdf node or any integration

Hi Arno,

You may have to restart Dynamo after updating the package.
Did you look in the Printing / Merge category ?

i have something different…

The .dll file is not loaded and so the node either.
This should go after a reboot of Revit.
Let me know otherwise.

Did a complete machine reboot.

Running revit 2020

Dynamo 2.1 was the information needed.

I will check quickly with Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.1.

It is working fine with Revit 2020 for me.

You can check that the GeniusLoci.dll file is not blocked (in right-click > properties) in :
C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.1\packages\Genius Loci\bin


Strange thing is that i do now have the same list…only not the merge…

the node…is resolved… but i can’t find him in the list.