Genius Loci package and Python3 issue


I’m a complete novice to Dynamo.
I have to add a number of subcategories to approx. 50 families, and I 'd rather have this taken care of by a script, than having to type it al in…
So I came up with this script

but upon loading the script I get this error message:
“This graph contains nodes that reference an outdated Python engine. Dynamo has moved away from the old IronPython2 engine towards a new CPython3 engine…”

If I understand correctly, Genius Loci cannot be used in Revit2023?

Is there a solution to this problem? Or an update in the pipeline?)



Hi @sdm,

It is written in the package description :

In Revit 2023, the DynamoIronPython2.7 package must be installed to be able to use the Genius Loci package (and Clockwork, Spring nodes, Crumple packages…).

No update planned for the moment because many issues have been reported for the CPython3 engine.


Hello Alban,

Thanks for your swift reply.
AFAIK the DynamoIronPython 2.7 package is installed:


Never mind, perhaps things will improve with the upcoming revit update.



So you can ignore the warning and everything will work normally in Dynamo for Revit 2023.

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