Genius Loci Export to IFC using Document getting Null error

Hi Guys, Im trying to export to IFC using the genius loci “export IFC in Document” node. the issue is that it throws a null error and im not sure why i am not getting it to function. I think it has to do with the directory? I am hoping someone may be able to help and point me in the right direction.

Hi @stacey.hennigL6B3T try as here and be sure you have the ifc exporter installed …Releases · Autodesk/revit-ifc · GitHub

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thank you @sovitek, so this node doesn’t use the OOTB IFC exporter? I will have issue installing on work laptop :frowning:

yes guess you will need the exporter…and very good to have installed if your work with IFC, so i would try ask the IT and get access to install…

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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