Generative Design Outcome thumbnail missing graphical information

No issues with GD outcome data other than missing graphical information in the thumbnail.

There are (2) geometries which are ultimately displayed by GeometryColor.BySurfaceColor in the graph.

Both preview well in the Dynamo environment, but the solar analysis does not display in the GD Outcomes. The other elements show correctly in the Outcome thumbnails. I’ve recreated the GeometryColor.BySurfaceColor (that represents the relative insolation values) node twice to make sure there was not some unknown glitch. Data.Remember is not available for GeometryColor.


Which version of Generative Design are you using?


Study created with Dynamo Revit on Revit

@jacob.small , any troubleshooting recommendations or research points I can review to help?

Sorry - update to the latest Revit 2023. You’re missing a year or so worth of updates including a GD update or two.

@jacob.small , thanks.
I can get up to 23.1.2 for Revit, and what would the release # of Generative Design be?


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@Brian_Fraumeni - I can get you on generative design release
Will this work for what he is trying to do? @jacob.small

Can’t say. Generally speaking step one should always be installing all the updates for the applications involved. Short of that any troubleshooting exercise is a fools errand as issues which development has resolved (in this case perhaps display of surface colors) require identifying the same issue and then having people update to the latest build where it is magically resolved…

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@jacob.small we will start there…

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@jacob.small 1. Versions now installed below. 2. New Dynamo Notification below.

Revit: 23.1.20/70 (that will be as current as we can get here)
Dynamo Revit:
Generative Design:


If you hit ‘ok’ does the package work? This notification is just to let you know that it might not work as if you previously utilized a package that was authored for say Revit 2019 and hadn’t been updated it might not work.

In any case, do you have geometry preview in Generative Design now?

The package appears to be working. I am able to Create Study and Explore Outcomes, but still missing graphics…

Will this node be updated and maintained, extremely useful and lots of potential. It would be a shame if not…

It’s working and maintained - if I recall correctly there is an update each year with new solar angles (the joy of the earth’s axis being unstable).

But the developer can only publish one version, and so somewhere some set of users will get this message.

As the content still not displaying we move onto the next troubleshooting step. I’ll try some troubleshooting on my end. Can you post your graph as it currently stands?