Generative design---no image

Generative design------ Why doesn’t the generated plan show images?

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@nate.peters can hopefully help you out here! :slight_smile:

Could you confirm that the geometry preview of all geometry wasn’t switched off and that geometry was visible in Dynamo background preview when you exported for Generative Design

This can happen when the preview of all nodes are turned off

Hi @565384351,

It looks like your study failed to generate any output data, which makes me think that the issue is larger than the geometry preview being disabled.

What version of Revit and GD are you using?

The version of Revit is 2021.

I am having the same issue and everything works just fine for me in dynamo but not in GD.

things I have tried out :

  1. Installed the hotfix for GD for Revit, version
  2. Copying the files from the Revit GD folder to the project folder(packages)
  3. Re-install GD.

None of these seem to work and Just to make sure my graph doesnt have any issues I connected a numberslider to output to check if everything was good on GD side but there were no outputs…!

Have you installed the latest update to Generative Design? The version is 21.9.4. You can see the installed version of GD in the About panel, which is accessed from the “?” icon in the upper right corner of the window.

Hi Saju,

Can you check your installation and verify the version number of your GD installation? The latest hotfix available should be 21.9.4.
You also shouldn’t need to manually move any of the installation files around. Which files were you copying on your machine?

Also, make sure you have a Remember node if you’re using Revit objects.

@nate.peters and @Nick_Boyts thanks a lot now the output starts to show up after installing the latest hotfix but, still my geometry preview is not available even after adding Data.Remember node on the graph.

Please let me know if I am missing something.

GD_ADA route computation.dyn (248.1 KB)

custom node :ADASlopeColorCoder.dyf (151.5 KB)

revit file:

here is my dynamo vs GD:

The Data.Remember node has to be connected to the Revit data that’s going to be cached. Try placing it between Select Model Element and Element.Geometry. Also try using a Watch node for any geometry previews. Sometimes that helps.

That does not seem possible.

Sorry, should be after the geometry.


@saju_autodesk Nick is correct - it looks like this is an issue with Revit geometry not being cached in a Remember node. Place a Remember node after your Element.Geometry node. A good way to test if the graph will work in GD is to run and save the graph after adding Remember nodes, then open the same graph in Dynamo Sandbox. If it executes correctly there, you should be good to go for GD.