Generative design layout / space planning automation

Hi All,

I am new to Dynamo. Could you please let me know the main limitations between Dynamo inside Revit and Dynamo Studio?

This is in view of using Dynamo in my research for generative design layout / space planning automation.

Any leads to samples, literature much appreciated.

Thank you

I would look into Dynamo for Revit and Dynamo Sandbox both. Start with the Dynamo Primer, then move into the Generative Design primer, then into an AU session or two, before finally moving onto attempting your own. The AU session I presented with Alexandra Nelson last year is a good example. Links below.

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Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your guidance.
Now I am following Dynamo Premier, however in Chapter 8.2 Selecting needs an update. Because many nodes in this chapter are obsolete ???
This has become hard for the new users. Could you please redirect the query to the correct Autodesk Team ?



FYI @solamour

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Hello @roshank - We are aware of the inconsistencies in the Dynamo Primer right now and have plans to update it early next year. We are waiting on work being undertaken right now (Visual Refresh of Dynamo) so that we can be fully up to date when we do the Primer update :slight_smile:

In the meantime, apologies for the navigation of some of the obsolete content. If there is anything you get stuck upon please feel free to reply in this thread and we’ll unblock you :raised_hands:

Hi Sol,
Thanks for your email.
With a great effort I am following Dynamo Premiere and now at Chapter 8.5 Customizing.

I have a problem installing packages:

I have searched for packages and installed 'LunchBox for Dynamo". However it doesn’t appear under Library panel> under Add-ons section( the files in the thread as follows

C:\Users\Roshan\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.1\packages\packages\LunchBox for Dynamo)

Can you please help me how to get LunchBOX for Dynamo Package? ( Or alternative package)

Appreciate your help and guidance in this regard.

Thanks and Best Regards

PS: I am working towards using generative design and automation for prefab construction . Please let me know any resources you can provide.

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Hello Roshank,

We are going to revisit and improve the Primer (As stated above) and will remove the Lunchbox references in it as the author of that package unfortunately no longer supports it :frowning:

Here is a link to download the package yourself: Lunchbox for

You’ll have to manually install this as it’s not coming from the Package Manager, so I’ll run you through how to do that now :raised_hands: If you are in Revit or Dynamo Sandbox then the following will work. Please let me know if you are coming from another entry point to Dynamo.

  1. Navigate to your AppData folder, by typing %appdata% into your File Explorer

  2. This will bring you to your AppData folder, where we want to navigate to the Dynamo folder

  3. The final depth of the folder you are looking for depends on your entry point, but will either be;

Dynamo Sandbox: C:\Users\amours\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2.11\packages
Dynamo Revit: C:\Users\amours\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.10\packages

In both cases, you’ll need to replace my username with yours (amours), and my version with yours (2.11 or 2.10)

  1. When you have the correct location, you’ll need to put the package in there and it will load. One point though - you’ll need to either use 7Zip to unzip, or first of all right-click on the Zipped file, select properties and tick the Unblock box. If you don’t do this, Dynamo won’t load the package due to windows security mechanism.

Let me know how it goes!

Hi Solamour,

I seek your help to understand the process of doing the following task in generative design. I would greatly appreciate it if you could share a sample script, any resources or direct me to the right direction that could help me learn.

This is only for my study purpose, not for commercial use.

The scope: I want to create is a geometric system that allows the computer to explore multiple configurations of module (Box) layouts in a given floor plate (Example: perimeter line of floor plan in Revit model) using Dynamo. Services core of the floor plan should be excluded.

Design criteria is 03 sizes of module categories (the Box has range for its length, width, and height).

Evaluation: Once the layout generated needs to be evaluated the module sizes in the layout against a few criteria. Such as standardisation, transport, crane index.

Use of results: output will be reviewed in 3D visuals, data tables and graphs.

Please let me know how you could help me with this task, timeframe required and your charges.

Best Regards


Hello @roshank - Please have a look at the Primer! :slight_smile:

Hi Solamour,
I seek your help!
Could you please let me know a person who can work on packing script and 03 evaluators… in dynamo. Appreciate if you can arrange someone ASAP. DM me for details.
Scope: Create geometric system that meant the computer to explore multiple configurations of modular layouts in given floor plan.
The work can be paid.)

Try looking at packing nodes.