Generative Design issue - WombatDynamo node

I’m using Wombat smart offset node (I had a nightmare trying to get the offsets to work so I DL this package)…


Everything before or not linked to the smart offset will show up in the Gen design but everything after this node doesn’t. This is a problem as one of my outputs stems back to here…

The items show up in the Dynamo background.

Anyone had issues with this or know how to fix it?

Do you have any remember nodes in place for those curves?

I do. It’s right at the start. The only input I have from Revit is a property line.

From a Dyanmo Sandbox log file when trying to load the package:

My guess is that this has a tie to the Revit API somehow, and as such won’t load. Can you post your DYN and I’ll check to see if there is a viable work-around (shouldn’t need the RVT if you’ve set up your remember nodes correctly, but that may help as well)?

I decided to go about it in a totally different way but have now run into another issue further into the script. :joy:

I made a fresh topic: