Geometry does intersect - How to ignore items at the same index

I have some tiles:


I want to remove the ones that overlap with other tiles.

I’ve tried various ways (if anyone can suggest a better way please tell me!)

My logic here is:
Take each line of tiles and turn into a surface (so I have 4 surfaces).
Then check each tile against each surface.
Obviously each tile will clash against the surface which represents it’s line so I used a scoring method to ignore this.

I could not work out how to ignore individual tiles on line index 0 [Numbers 1…3 in green below] vs actual surface index 0 [In red below] any other way. Obviously tiles on line index 0 will clash with surface index 0. (I hope that makes sense!)


Now I’ve got it to do what I want visually but the Math.Sum node kills my list structure. Even if I check, “keep list structure” it flattens the list.

Any idea how to get round this?

@Alien Not quite sure if I understood your problem but would inducing a List.Chop node as shown below help you maintain the list structure?




Awesome… Thankyou!

I just realised my mistake!!

I even tried list chop about 3 different ways earlier but didn’t do it right.

Haha… once again this forum comes to my brain’s rescue! :partying_face: