Exporting Generative Design Outcomes

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to export the outcomes from the generative design modules?

I was able to find an excel file, but is it possible to export all the pictures/3D and the results side by side?

I need them as a collection so I can send the results to other people. Taking screenshots one by one will be arduous.

Thanks all!

@nathaniel.sohez Soon! I can’t share exact dates but we’re actively working on this feature for GD. Data export will be possible for individual studies in the next update we release. Regarding the image export, do you have any details you can share about how exactly you’d like to use the images? The plan right now is to create a folder adjacent to the CSV file, and the folder would contain an image per outcome that’s named to match an entry in the CSV file.


Hi Nate.Peters,

Thank you for replying. Hope to use these features soon!

I was thinking more along the line of an individual viewer where we could see the results after many GD. This enables us to share the results around easily.

For now, I would suggest 2 images, an isometric view, and a top-down view with a good naming convention for each picture. This helps us see from different perspectives. If it’s possible, also to incorporate the data from the CSV into the picture as well so it is possible to see them both on one screen easily.

Thanks Nate.Peters, keep up the good work!

Anyway just to share a workaround for anyone that reads this is to use a computer macro to take snip shots and save them as a picture if you have many generative files to run.