At Generative Design v21.11.1 , refineryResult.json is gone


After updating to Generative Design v21.11.1, refineryResult.json is no longer output.
I was using Capturefinery, so I’m having trouble if json isn’t output.
Do you know how to output refineryResult.json as before or the alternative of Capturefinery?

Thank you.

Hi @at_yan,

Since Capturefinery isn’t maintained by the GD team, unfortunately we can’t guarantee that updates to the GD app won’t cause issues. The only way to continue generating those JSON files would be to roll back to the previous update - I believe that was 21.9.4.

Exporting data from individual GD studies is on the feature roadmap in the next few months. I’ll add GIF export into the designs as well. That way @keanw won’t have to keep fixing Capturefinery whenever we break it :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your reply.
I’ll wait for some useful features to be released.

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