Generative Design - Cannot see outcomes

Hi All,

Cannot see study results in the GD explore outcomes.
Also, the outputs parameters showed as *, for some reason.

Attached the dynamo graph, someone has an idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

EET_DY0XX-Place SP rectandular ceiling.dyn (479.5 KB)

What is the result in Dynamo sandbox (not Dynamo for Revit) when you run the graph with these input values? It appears you’re getting invalid results (the *) and those evaluate as a 0 so you’re effectively optimizing for a failing result.

Thanks Jacob,

I dont think I could run it in sandbox since the main input is Sapce element that comes from the Revit model, after retrieving the Space geometry the graph performs a few calculations that eventually evolve to the inputs above.

When I run the Dynamo graph these inputs seem to be working and they are shown as doubles.

If you have a Data.Remember node in place, the saved version of the graph will have the content in place to calculate the rest of the graph.

Generative Design runs the graph as Dynamo Sandbox would, so this is a great test to perform so you can confirm you haven’t put a Revit requirement into the mix.