Generative design error

I’ve created a study in Generative design from the sample “officelayout” .The office layout has a patio which isn’t identified as a room, so normally Generative Design shouldn’t recognise that space. Although it fills in the patio with desks. I’ve tried the room separator but that didn’t help the case either.

FYI @Lilli_Smith

Is it only populating the patio or is it the patio and other rooms?

@JacobSmall Thanks for helping me out, it’s using the whole area, so the patio and the room that’s assigned in Refinery

Can you provide the model you used? If you’re worried about sharing an active design with the world you can reach out to the refinery team via the beta feedback on the site.

In the detail window in the right hand corner you can see that the desks are placed into the patio, these desks are included in the 40 desks that are metioned by the segment output.

Can you provide the Revit model you used this on?

I’m unable to upload the document because I’m new. You can find it in the zipfile sample files v4 under the segment “openofficelayout” on the autodesk feedback website under “project refinery”


Can I send the file by We Tranfer? The RVT file is too large for this forum.
(I’m a colleague of Jeroen)

Feel free to post to any publicly accessible source.