Generating boundaries for many intersecting objects at the same time

Hello community!

Any Ideas about how can I generate different polygons from the intersection of other polygons and lines.
Exactly the same than the Boundary command, but automatically and for many objects at the same time.

Here’s a similar thread but it was for only one trimming object, I can’t get it to work for multiple trimming objects. The concept would be to make a surface from the main polyline then trim or split into smaller surfaces, then extract the perimeter.

Thank you KirkWM, I’ll take a look to that thread

Assuming all geometry is planar, you can try this:

  1. Make one big surface which contains ALL the shapes and then some.
  2. Take all of the polycurves and convert to curves, then flatten the list.
  3. Extrude the flat list of curves on the plane’s normal (so if you are working in plan, use the Z axis.
  4. Combine all of the extruded surfaces into one polysurface.
  5. Use a Geometry.Split node to break apart the overall surface by the intersection of the polysurface.
  6. Test the resulting surfaces for intersection with a polycurve built from the curves of the surface.
  7. Filter the many surfaces (#5) by the boolean masks (#6). This should be the results you are after.