Closed Polycurve from intersection of two curves

Hello forum, new user here

i am trying to create a closed polycurve from two Autocad polylines, something like bellow image.

i could create upto split of polycurves and trim of geometry but not able to connect the trimmed polylines to splitted cutting edge and close the polycurve. can anyone help me with this ?

Create surfaces from closed polylines, extrude vertically the clipping polyline, split geometries, extrac perimeter curves from resulting surfaces


Thanks @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 for the reply, it worked perfectly.

Just one more doubt how to separate the items from list (0 and 1), i presume thats left and right split section of the line. i would like to create all left side one’s in to one list and vise a versa.

use trim geometry instead of split

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