Generate DN size from outer diameter in schedule

hello i am new to Dynamo and this is my first project. is there a way in dynamo to generate the dn size from the outher size in the schedule? now i have to manually enter the dn size in the schedule.( I need this to tag the dn size on my plans)


I’d suggest looking into lookup tables, and potentially including an additional parameter to reference in the lookup table for the Dnmaat as a value. This is probably the most straightforward approach as Revit was intended to be used as. It is possibly how the other parameters are being set.

The problem is that these families are supplied by an external company (we work with a plugin on Revit). That’s why we can’t work in the lookup talbels, this can cause problems later. Therefore it would be good if we could connect 2 parameters with each other.

OK so I can’t really see how the Dnmaat parameter is determined (e.g. is it thickness - 2?). Assuming your objects have enough data in them to calculate this, the below/attached is how I’d go about it. Get the values you need by instance or type (depending what they are), then use them to set the value of another parameter. Noting this is just an example, given I don’t know how your particular content is set up, or the values you are using to set the dnmaat field.

I’ve added the driven parameters as project parameters in my example so they are universally scheduleable by category. Noting the values will not automatically update, only when dynamo is run.

setting other values.dyn (37.5 KB)
Sample project.rvt (504 KB)