Generate color legend for ceiling heights

Thank you for the wonderful work you share.
Would it be possible to generate a legend to understand what each color means?

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@smorapiz Could pair the color and thickness data like this…

ColorByCeilingThickness.dyn (11.9 KB)

Sorry, but I do not quite understand what you’re attaching. My question was about whether once you color a category according to a parameter, for example the ceilings according to their lag, if it was possible to automatically create a legend that indicates which color will refer each parameter value.Thank you

@Vikram_Subbaiah am I misunderstanding or did you confuse ceiling height with ceiling thickness?
Anyways the quickest way to get a legend would be to use room/spaces color schemes…for example using dynamo to calculate the (avarege) height of a room, then writing this info to a temporary room parameter and using it to create a color scheme (that unfortunately works only on floor plans… but this link could help

Otherwise you could create the legend with dynamo but it would be kind of messy in my opionion:

I decided to “create” the legend in a drafting view but I think you could also do it inside the ceiling plan view.

However I had to play around with text types and sizes…

On a sheet

Excuse me if the code is kind of messy but I was just curious to see if it works, I may try to find a better way to deal with this in the future and test it thoroughly


Ok, in the file provided with my response above I’ve grouped the parameter and it’s corresponding color.
A graphic legend can be constructed from this using Dynamo using @GregX’s ‘messy’ option.

Just used the last file from the original thread. Ceiling thickness was considered in that.
Diidn’t realize it didn’t match the title of this thread :slight_smile:


Not solving anything here, but maybe the analysis tools can lead down an alternative path? Just a quick example showing how you can use the analysis display to display, well, anything really.


I think @jostein_olsen has the solution!

Thank you very much for the information, it seems very interesting. I’m going to study it and digest it little by little :-))

can anyone help on this error?

Hello @sps.25788,

You need to put inputs into your Math.RemapRange node :slight_smile:

Try putting in 0 for newMin and 1 for newMax.

@jostein_olsen how did you get the colored boxes to show up. Im trying to get them to show up and all im getting is the elevations.

I fixed the color issue but now i cant print to pdf. why is that?

only some of the squares are visible. when i go to print preview

@solamour, @john_pierson, @jostein_olsen