Color range to schedule

Hi guys,

I was wondering, how would you guys assign to schedule the color range it has been givin?
for example I am classifying all 2x6 by length. How to see in the schedule, X length = X color?

Also, what is the best code to round up my lenght by 5mm? just to reduce amount of lists

thanks for your help!

I don’t think you can create anything like a legend in a schedule. You’d have to create an actual legend view or a drafting view.

As for rounding to precision you can use:
Math.Round(value / precision) * precision

Awesome will try this out thanks my friend!

Hey @Nick_Boyts I tried to find create schedule or legend but I dont seem to find the correct nodes to create a legend based on color, do you have an example of a script for doing this?

I don’t think what you’re asking for exists in Revit natively. There are no nodes specific to your issue. You’ll have to draw your own legend via lines, hatches, and text.