Generate Axonometric (3D Views) with Section Box for all Rooms

This is a work in progress (dyn) combining information I’ve found from other forum post. Create Section Box for 3D Views, Create Room Data Sheets…, Create Section Box from Bounding Box The problem I’m having is that the Python Script BBtoSect only seems to work on the active 3D view. Is there a way to step thru (all) the views as they’re created? Thanks! BBoxExample


You are using the ActiveView property.

I noticed that as well… hence the post. I’m not a programmer… I am not asking for the exact solution… just asking for help in the right direction :o) I’ve experimented with this for a few days and have run into road blocks using others solutions. Konrad’s solution here doesn’t seem to work with the 0.9 version?

Followup question: What can I use instead of ActiveView?

Actually none here is a programmer, i think. So please don’t use the “I’m not a programmer” argument. You already have all you need. Take those two lists of items and just iterate through them.

No one here is a programmer? You’re kidding, right? No reason to get snarky.

David - I modified a Python script recently to do something similar – the iterate through multiple views part anyway.

for view in views:

rView = view

for item in items:

rView.SetElementOverrides(item.Id, gSettings)

Actually none here is a programmer, i think.” No, i’m not kidding; i don’t like the “I’m not a programmer” (do my job) argument.

"Take those two lists of items and just iterate through them."