Full list of most installed packages

Hi guys.
Did you know, is it possible to get full list of all most installed packages?

Havee a good working day! :slight_smile:

yes those are on my list :slight_smile:

Most downloaded = most installed I’d say, which can sort packages in the search tab. Votes are also a good metric to use generally.

A little web scraping :stuck_out_tongue:

the process is a bit long…a lots of packages…

import sys
import clr
import System
from System.IO import *
from System.Net import *
from Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry import *

import json

min_downloaded = IN[0]
most_installed_packages = []

request = WebRequest.Create ("https://dynamopackages.com/packages/")
with request.GetResponse() as response:	 
	with response.GetResponseStream() as stream:
		with StreamReader(stream) as reader:
			html = reader.ReadToEnd()
			json_string = html.encode("utf-8")
stud_obj = json.loads(json_string)
contents = stud_obj.get("content")
for content_dict in contents:
	nbr_download = content_dict.get("downloads")
	if nbr_download is not None and nbr_download > min_downloaded:
		most_installed_packages.append([content_dict.get("name"), nbr_download])
most_installed_packages.sort(key = lambda x : x[1], reverse = True)
datatranspose = [i for i in zip(*most_installed_packages)]
OUT = datatranspose