[Request for Feedback] Dynamo Package External Dependencies Display

Dear Dynamo Lovers,

Greetings from Dynamo Team. We hope you are doing well in this special situation.

Today I am writing to ask for some help from you to join me making a decision of how the external dependencies should look like this year. We have added external dependencies display on the package manager search UI within Dynamo for quite some time. Users are able to mark if a package is depending on Revit, Civil3D, etc to run. We are running into cases that a single package is complex enough to depend on multiple things. And when this happens, the already compact package manager search UI could run out of space. Our UX come up with two designs and I kindly request you to give it a review and let me know which one you prefer so we can implement on time.

Option 1:

Dependencies folded into the same button for any packages which comes with dependencies. Clicking on it will display what dependencies are there.

Option 2:

Dependencies are still displayed in the current way right next to package name. When there are too many dependencies, Dynamo append ā€¦ to the dependencies and when user hover over that, Dynamo display other dependencies somehow. Apply same rule to long package names.

Kindly let us know and comment if anything feels right or wrong.



I prefer Option 1, but as long as we can still filter by dependencies Iā€™m fine with either!


I think OPTION 1 is the right choice.

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I see there being 3 options for the Python dependency( N/A, Cpython3, Ironpython) therefore i see this to be in the same importance as the dynamo Version.

Therefore would it be wise to include the python version into the same line as Author/Version/Download/Date?

From both of the options above i would choose Option 1 if i could only choose from either of them :slight_smile:


Option 1

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Option-1 is better.

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Option 1 :+1:

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I also prefer the look of option 1. :white_check_mark:

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Option 1 looks better

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Thank you guys! option 1 it is, I will update in this thread which version of Dynamo it lands on.

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