From adaptive points to solid (or conceptual mass)

Hi everyone,
I would like to solve a problem about creating a solid or a mass from a set of points.
Now I’m trying with a simple cube, but in the future a would like to test it with more complex solids.
I’ve imported an excel file with coordinates, then I placed points with dynamo as reference points. As a second step i converted them in reference points (directly in Revit).
Now my question is: is it possible to transform these adaptive points in a solid?

@vborghese ,

i think it is not a accurate workflow. adaptiv Components made by ReferenceLines.
Is your Instance just placed, or later hosted, or recursive placed,…?

by the way… list is no need

I don’t have the chance to create a reference line or plane. Because I’ll have a more complex surface. I just have thousands points in the space and I need to create a solid from them, with a sort of interpolation.
I would like to recreate a solid from the coordinates of a wide range of points.
It is possible?
Maybe I need to create the interpolation lines before to close the solid? How can I do it?

By the way, thank you a lot for your answer, i’ve just delated the creation of the list!

@vborghese ,

try this

Maybe I made a mistake…
It said “PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves prevede tipi di argomento (Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Curve, double), but it is called (Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Point, double).”

@vborghese ,

you can`t just copy paste :wink:

so which form do you create a cupe? maybe you need to make a loft. of top/base rectangles …

Points you can`t “explode”

I’m sorry but I’m new to Dynamo, so I don’t get it so well.
I’ve to create a solid from points. connecting them and closing. Like a mesh, but not only a surface but also a solid.
Mybe creating triangles could be an idea.
I created a polyline from points but I don’t know if this can be useful…

Such as? Are the points in a grid format? A mesh format? Something else?

I exported an excel file with coordinates from a point cloud of an ancient beam. And I ve to recreate on revit as a solid.

YIPES! That’s going to be an insane number of points…

Revit will struggle mightily with this; in fact there isn’t any sort of built in tool for this inside of Revit, so you’d have to actually do the geometry work on your own. Best to use a tool which is built to work with point clouds to generate a mesh or solid, and then bring that mesh or solid into Revit as a family.

There are also several great threads of turning point clouds in top meshes in the forum (none of which require exporting to excel first!).

Yes, I know… But I don’t know free tools like this for solids…