Fractal project for revit dynamo

just wondering why there is no support for revit dynamo in project fractral…? The problem is we would have to remodel every thing we have and import only geometry to proceed in fractal ,this is very painful.Do you guys know any platform that can do the same from dynamo inside revit.
or any tips and tricks to convert a model that can be taken to fractal. Hope Iam not the only one facing this. and for sure i can say this that adding this feature could take parametric design to next level…!(something like cloud render where the model is uploaded and runs accordingly with the graph.)

This is because of a limitation with Amazon’s web servers and missing DLLs and other content. Basically, to run the model in fractal Amazon needs access to all of the data, including every custom node and package, and all of the Revit content. Meaning this stuff can’t be stored on your system but needs to be in that specifics amazon cloud instance, which doesn’t have any UI to speak of for interacting a Revit model or to enable work sharing. The team is currently working on the next version which will scale the way you’re after and will allow for additional features, but I’m not sure on the timeline.

In the meantime, it’s quite possible to export your geometry to sat and other structured data to csv and utilize them in fractal. You can also tie in data on readily available websites (so long as they are open to access) and their content. When it comes time to pull your data back you can download an stl file or use watch nodes to make a csv file of to store data or geometry in string format.

Now I understand the basics of the problem.
How do you manage to run graph on the stl file its anyways requires a new graph right? [
because my old graph speaks with API and runs when we convert to stl its nothing but a geometry.
how do you tackle this with out redoing a new graph again.

Also Iam still tring to understand this part.!

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? This may be a new thread as we’re going to go into another topic quickly. Feel free to PM me so I can help sort the question into something that will fit into the forum if you’re stuck.