Word Text to Revit Sheet Specs

This might be a weird and complicated topic, but I have been trying to find a way to simplify the process of doing sheet specs for a project while having complete flexibility. Right now, we have standard Revit text that we place in a drafting view and then we make multiple text boxes to fill up a whole sheet. The problem with this is when we need to changed or add more information to the specs we have to redo every text box going for one end to another. It is tedious and a huge time waster. I want to have the ability the create a single text file that I can then split into different columns and have it bleed onto different sheets. Kind of like how the new schedules in 2022 function now but for text. Is there a way to do this using Dynamo? Could there be a way to take a Word document and convert it into a schedule or adaptive text that then can easily be updated and changed? I am not very familiar with Dynamo so I have no Idea where to start. I saw an example from a company called Axiom where they have a program called Microsoft Office importer which does exactly that, but the plug-in is very expensive. Here is a link to that example: Quickly Import Excel and Word into Revit with Perfect Formatting | Office Importer for Revit - YouTube


Certainly doable. I used to use an .RTF file format for this type of stuff instead of a .DOCX. You can do the same formatting and it reads via a “read text” node.

Once you get the data into Dynamo, you can use a variety of methods to set it up - the question is what method would you like if it were accomplished via the UI? I used a series of text notes, but given a chance to do it over, I might do it differently. Annotation families with the relevant sections might work well. A key schedule might be your best bet as it will allow you to split it at various heights and (as you noted) across sheets.

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