I can not get my list through the List.filterbyboolmask

Hi Folks,
This is my first time writing in this Forum.
I have a list that i am comparing with a number. And when it is true, the filter Nodes should let it through… But i won’t. Can anybody help ?

Look at the list structures of both your inputs. They are different (One is 3 deep, one is 4 deep).

Think about what exactly is the result you want and either simplify the list structure so they match or use List@Level on one of the inputs of your FilterByBoolean Node.

Hey Bjorn, Thanks for your advice… I have changed the levels, and now there are a value going through the filter… But my “Graph” is not working as it should… I will try to explain the purpose of the graph again …

There is not need for the transpose, just use the GetItemAtIndex on the original list with the correct level and you will have what you need.

Within my ‘formula’ l have managed to isolate with a tolerance a collection of ‘true’ statements and now wish to List.FilterByBoolMask, but l think l have tried every combination and cannot get it to work. Any thoughts much appreciated.

It is most likely because your lists are not at the same level. see how you last “==” node has L1-L4 but your List.Create only has L1-L3? I would suggest trying to flatten the “==” node or just the “>” on the Bool node to get List Levels working.

Hi Sean,

I look into that now. Many thanks.

The issue stems from all the List.Create nodes you’re using. You’re adding additional levels where they’re not needed. The only time you’d use List.Create would be to join lists or force a higher list level in some very specific situations. Removing them should solve the problem.