Font Type in Revit using Dynamo

Dear All,

Is it possible to change complete project (Annotations,Title Block, View Title etc.) font type from Arial to any other type in Revit using dynamo?

Any thoughts?

You can modify all text types located in the project document. Check out this discussion from a while ago:

I think that the Rhythm package has a lot of nodes that covers text types as well.

There is no easy way to change any annotations or title blocks’s text types because those are separate family documents loaded in the main project document.

Thanks Dimitar,

It Works!!!

Is there any way that i change Annotations,Title Block Font types also?

Dimitar- Thanks for mentioning Rhythm.

Kulkul- If you run this node in each family it should work, this will do it for all of the text notes though.



Thanks John,

Its changing in Text notes but I try to run in Room Tag Family its not changing below is the snap.




I get an error.


This should do it. Since labels and text are two different things, my node won’t select the labels.



Thanks John,

It works. It will take time if i do this for each family. Is there an easy way to change all the Annotations at once?

That one may require something more from the api gurus around here.

Dear All API Gurus can somebody look at this issue.



Your question has already been answered by Dimitar:

There is no easy way to change any annotations or title blocks’s text types because those are separate family documents loaded in the main project document.

Kulkul Kulkul,

All hope isn’t lost though. Do an internet search for macro recorder. Basically you can record your mouse and keyboard actions once and replay them several times.


My process would be as follows:

  1. Open all families needing to be edited.
  2. Record opening the dynamo script, running it. Then saving and closing the family. (If you use file close the action is the same for each family.)
  3. Run the macro as many times as needed.
If you want an example I can try to do a video.

Thanks John,

For coming back with the solution and saying don’t to lose hope. I will go a head and try with your process. If any video is required i will do let you know. I was thinking of past days when people where using Autocad and running there script through scriptpro. Scriptpro can run scripts in multiple files. Similarly if there is something in Dynamo that can run the script in all the families in the project. I guess no!!!:)

Has anyone been able to identify how to alter the text parameters within a label?

it’s text element type 2015-06-24_09h21_50

@john_pierson, I know this is a really old post, but what macro recorder do you recommend to work with Revit?

Is there maybe an easier way of doing this task with nodes and/python today?

Ah yes. I would end up doing this today with background opened files. Lol. Although dynamo is infamously bad a batching, so a plug-in would be more where I go with it.

But. I think Rhythm can open the families make changes then you save and close them.

Is it possible to change the font in a family nested within a family?

I am interested in changing all the text style font from Arial to a font that my office likes in all of Revit’s family tags. I am not certain where to find the nodes - “Element Types” and “All Elements of Type”. I downloaded the latest Rhythm package and did a search. I successfully got the other two nodes. I am running Revit 2023.