Floor type does not match the room name.?

My biggest problem is:
I would like to create a different floor type for the different room areas.
For example, the kitchen is tile, the living room is marble, the bedroom is the floor.
I DO IT。it can work.But floor type does not match the room.

自动创建装饰地面.dyn (33.4 KB)
自动创建装饰地面.xlsx (8.8 KB)
自动创建装饰地板.rvt (2.9 MB)

Where do you match rooms from excel and revit? Pls search forum, at least once a week there’s similiar question.

@Tomasz_Puchala I can not find a similar case.help me pls.tks.

you can adapt this code How to Control Revit Family via an Excel File?
or export element room IDs to excel and then find corrensponding rooms by id in dynamo

Hi @shrevit,

I fixed the script 自动创建装饰地面(for Tommy).dyn (19.5 KB)

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HELLO @Kulkul ,
Your answer always surprises me!BUT this time you did not solve my problem.
I downloaded your fixed CODE, but the result of running the code is the same with me!
look carefully:This is the correct result from excel:
kitche: ceramic tile
…BUT the result of running the code :
kitche:marble error ,No matching from excel
parlor:ceramic tile error , No matching from excel

Sincerely thank you

@shrevit See if this is works
自动创建装饰地面-Altered.dyn (30.0 KB)

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