Create Floor Types from Excel

I am wondering if there is a way to create system family using Dynamo by reading different parameters from Excel… I managed to retrieve information from Excel, but got stuck at trying to use these parameters to create floor/wall/ceiling types… Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!


Have a look in the following discussion:


Hello Dimitar, Thank you very much for forwarding that! “Spring Nodes” works its magic on Floor and Wall. I am wondering if I can do that same thing with ceilings… Do you mind sharing the codes for “WallType.Duplicate” and FloorType.Duplicate" so I can try to replicate the same thing for Ceiling? Best, Sanny

Oops… sorry, didn’t realize both “WallType.Duplicate” and “FloorType.Duplicate” are custom nodes. I am editing them to replicate the same for ceilings now. Thank you!!!

Hello Dimitar,

I tried to edit your Python script but can’t make it work… is the comment “Revit.Elements.CeilingType.ByName” valid? I was hoping changing it from “Revit.Elements.WallType.ByName” to “Revit.Elements.CeilingType.ByName” will do the magic… I guess not… Any help would be much appreciated!!



Hi @Dimitar_Venkov, the link above doesn’t seem to work (404 error) could you help me find information for this very interesting topic? Thank you

I think that link was pointing to the old forum. You’ll need the FamilyType.Duplicate and FamilyType.SetCompoundLayerWidth nodes from clockwork.

Thanks @Dimitar_Venkov. I’ll make some attempts and I’ll let you know. thanks a lot.