How to batch modify the room floor finish from excel data?

dynamo自动生成装饰地面.dyn (9.0 KB)

HI guys,
I want to auto create room floor with dynamo. I learned it on youtube.It can automatically create the room floor with dynamo,BUT, But the floor properties depend on the floor finish of the room,

Enter floor finish name to create a different floor with the floor name equal to floor finish name.

NOW I would like to control floor finish name with excel ,like this excel form.And then use dynamo batch revise revit in the room floor finish


@shrevit Check out the Excel.ReadFromFile node and if you don’t figure it out post your attempts that includes that node.

My biggest problem is:
I would like to create a different floor type for the different room areas.
For example, the kitchen is tile, the living room is marble, the bedroom is the floor.
and I do not know what node to create it to implementation.
If there is an example I can achieve it.
thank you very much.