Floor creation error

I was trying to split floors , and I got an error only for one floor (it should be splitted in 4 parts, but I got only one) all other floor are working well
any idea?
thank you

It states that the curves you provide for that floor cannot be joined properly.

Maybe they are self-intersecting or
There are “holes” in the floor surface or
One of the curve could potentially be joined with two other curves.

Can you isolate those curves and show those?

I couldn’t isolate these curves
the strange thing is that this operation is successful in other floors

@khalil.noureddine …you could try to group your curves…probably it could help you…

thank you @sovitek

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I can now isolate the floor inner curves from the floor boundary
the sublist 0 ,1, 2 are for the openings in floor
but the problem is that i cant create this floor
@sovitek @Joelmick

You can isolate them.

can you try to do this in your graph, this will give you the curves with cannot be used to create a floor?

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You are still feeding all the PerimeterCurves to the floor creating node. You need to pick the curves you need from Group.Curves nodes and THEN feed them into Floor.ByOutlineTypeandLevel

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Difficult to say, you need to share the files…but why dont you not feed in the grouped curves

Sharing the files
@sovitek @Joelmick @filip.kabelis @
test.rvt (1.4 MB)
Split-Floors.dyn (80.2 KB)

Aah I am analysing your files. I see the problem. You are trying to make floors with holes in them. Dynamo cannot do that to my knowledge. You can create Floor opening Elements with Dynamo.

What you can do is split the Curves of the surfaces in curves for the outline of the floor and the curves for openings.
Split-Floors_JVH.dyn (121.3 KB)

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Greaaat…thank you @Joelmick

the script is working well on a small project
I was trying to apply this script on multiple floors, still making the error
trying to change the lacing , but it is not working
is it related to to big amount of floors?

Okay, well what is best for now is that you study the steps in the graph. I am not going to fix this for a complete project. There are alot of things that can go wrong if you apply something like this to a complete project.

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This may be of interest: I want to edit the sketch of an existing floor or slab - #3 by Dimitar_Venkov