Flip Direction Arrow Automatically for Beams


I am looking for some help on how to automatically flip the direction arrow of my beams in Revit. If the beam is modeled left to right then the start connection will be on the left which is my desired result. If the beam is modeled bottom to top then the start connection will be on the bottom which is also my desired result. However, if the beam is modeled right to left the start connection will be on the right which is an undesired result and if the beam was modeled top to bottom the start connection will be on the top which is an undesired result. Below is an image that shows the direction of the arrows depending on how the beams were modeled. Note that you can change the direction of the arrow by clicking on the blue arrow but this has to be done per beam which will take a long time to update for a large model. Any help automating this in Dynamo would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

I believe that Element.GetLocation, Element.SetLocation and Curve.Reverse can help here.

Thanks for your reply. I created a Dynamo script to reverse the direction of the arrow but it is deleting my geometry once it runs. Can you please take a look at the example that I provided in the link below and help me figure out how to reverse the direction arrow without deleting the beams?


I made some changes to the Dynamo script but it is still not working as I intend it to. Please see the attached script.

Thank you

Flip Beam Direction Arrow.dyn (29.8 KB)

Hi PhillipA

The attached Dyn script should do the trick.Model Line Oriantation_V4.0.dyn (14.1 KB)