Ordinate Dimension "Flip Side"

Hi all is it possible to access “Flip Side” arrow in Ordinate dimension line???


There is no method in Revit API to flip Dimension Direction.


@Kulkul is correct.
However, under certain circumstances, having an understanding of the conditions that determine an ordinate dimension’s direction can be helpful.
For example, suppose that you are having dynamo generate an ordinate dimension for three horizontal lines. That dimension will always face downward, regardless of which way you draw the lines, left to right or right to left. However, if you were to flip the first line drawn across the horizontal axis, the ordinate direction will be reversed as well!
It also helps if that first line is at the top or bottom.
But as stated earlier, this knowledge is not always helpful. But it was a huge breakthrough for me because my circumstances always permit control over these conditions.

@dcmasten1, seems like you were on the right track. Your solution gave me an idea and I think I found the answer.
How to Flip the Side of an Ordinate Dimension