Fix tunnel triangulation

Good morning:
I am making a script to be able to fix a common problem that civil 3d has to process scans. I explain it for your understanding. When we scan a tunnel and process with recap civil 3d it is not able to triangulate correctly because it has similar X Y coordinates with different heights by which it joins them. this generates a wrong sawtooth. therefore I have generated a script that reads the traversal that goes wrong and I would like to be able to make it generate the outline correctly and ignore the inside.
Does anyone come up with how?

Proyectar transversal- lineas escaneado.dyn (38.8 KB)


Can you attached example drawing

This is a new user, so he canā€™t
Its better to use WeTransfer, where you send a file to yourself and in the mail message you recieve, you copy the link for download in a message here on the forum.

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Did not succeed
The issue is with me because of the many points

Possibly this is closer to reality
Divide the points into two parts
Up and down


At least for standard creation of surface inside C3D you need to divide them in two surface, roof and floor, because of the limitations in civil 3d.
Do you have the possibility to selet the lowest points and add them to a seperate surface?

Thank you very much but this solution is not valid because the tunnel is not horizontal and the scans are not regular. There may be a cave in the tunnel key and it would be giving badly. This tunnel is formed by two tunnels of 5 km each, in total it measures 10 km and with different vertical agreements.

Yes, it is not the solution
But too many points and disorganization You can go to the manual to configure the surface
See the link it may help you