Tunnel Scan Surfaces

Good morning:
I am working in a tunnel and I am starting to scan the tunnel excavation, and I have a problem with triangulating surfaces in civil 3d.
I have generated the surface in different ways (3d polyfaces, recap point clouds, 3d faces) and they all do wrong when they reach the gables because the program triangulates the length of triangles in 2d (xy).
Dynamo can be made to generate a surface tin by making the length of triangles 3d

Can you upload a LAS file, ASCII XYZ file or CSV of you dataset so I can take a look at triangulation options from the points?

C3D cannot represent this as a TIN, as a TIN cannot have 2 elevations (different outputs) for the same xy pairs (inputs). Similarly, a TIN cannot represent straight vertical retaining walls, they must have an ever so slight pitch so they can be in a TIN. The only other option is to represent this is as a solid and project or sample in a profile or section view.

Good morning Kirk: I understand what you are telling me and I agree with you on how CV3D works. I have even opened an idea in autodesk to fix the problem. my question is if with Dynamo importing an object (mesh) or point cloud I could make a surface.

good morning:
I can’t upload the file because the * .las extension is not allowed by the page. I would need an email and I will send it to you by drive

@CARodriguezA you can use WeTransfer