Too many triangulated surfaces, possibility of reducing or simplifying


Does there exist a workaround for reducing the amount of triangulated surfaces from a civil3d file. When imported in Revit or AutoCAD there’s too many triangles being shown and makes reading the model and views horrible. Is there something I can do ? I don’t own civil and the company who made the file will look onto it but am curious if there’s something I can do about it

If you’re talking about polygons then it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

A) With Dynamo you could import a Direct Shape, but that doesn’t solve any polygons. Also reducing and getting the correct amount of Polygons will be random. You could intersect a a geometry with a plane (or several) and get the intersecting curves that way. You could also get the ConvexHull if you’re trying to import the Tesla Cybertruck.
B) If you’re talking about topography specifically, then you can turn off certain lines in Revit
C) My personal workaround would be to upload the file into FormIt (you can use the free webbase) and Import it into Revit (use LinkCad → file type .axm)

Hope this helps

Depending on what form you need it in you could generate a topo from it then cull points using Dynamo or just using the inbuilt topi simplify tools.

Personally beyond there I would be heading into rhino to get access to mesh simplification tools such as those offered by weaverbird for grasshopper. You could try mesh toolkit but I’m unsure how well it would handle large meshes.

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This method looks promising if you’re in 2024:

if you’re in 2023 this method combined with Dynamo’s Point.PruneDuplicates and List.SetDifference nodes works well.

No need for Rhino or FormIt this way.

However you should know that removing points in any way will reduce the accuracy of the surface - you’re removing detail from the model with no good way to put it back later. If you’re just after the ‘look’ I recommend you look at the linking surface workflow that ACC offers, or just work with your object style to edit the way things display.

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Will look into these possibilities

The easiest and best way should be to tell the other company to insert the correct surface in a new dwg as a data shortcut and then promote it.
After this progress you will have only one surface in the file. Hope that will help you.