Mapping tunnel height profile on axis to create a 3D Tunnel axis

Hi Guys,

I need some help with my mapping definition. I'm trying to create a 3D Tunnel Axis by mapping the height profile of the tunnel on the 2D Axis.

First I create a surface that completely covers the height and length of my height Profile. Secondly I map the UV endpoints coordinates of the curves defining my height profile (Export of Autocad civil 3D). Finally I'm trying to map those points on the Surface I extruded from my 2D Axis.

However somehow my approach doesn't seem to work properly, the points are not mapping fluently like I would expect. After trying different stuff for 2 days I decided to ask the community for some help ;)

20160320_Gradiente S bahn

Refer to the pic below. Are you trying to get the height from the green line and map it to the layout of the red line, to finally end up with the blue line?

If so, you’ll first need to use “Element.Geometry” instead of “Element.Curves” to get all of the segments. Some segments will be missing otherwise.

Secondly your points are spaced weirdly because you’re only getting the end points. How is that helpful when your segments are inhomogeneous ? Consider using an alternative method to acquire the points of interest:

Hi Dimitar,

Thanks allot for your quick response!! Yes that exactly what I’m trying to do.

Good option, I’ll try “Element.Curves”. For the second question, the curves are one continues joined Polycurve (clothoid + arcs + lines) in Civil 3D, when exporting it will create sections of 1,5 meter and straight segments as straight curves. My Idea was that all of the end points + the first starting point would be all the points needed, since the end point of one particular curve would be the starting point of the next curve. Maybe I’m seeing this wrong?

Hi Dimitar,

I’ve tried to implement your Element.curves proposal and made sure I had more homogeneous points (divided my polycurve in elements of 1,5 meter). However like on the pictures below, it still doesn’t map like it should. Do you have any Idea what is going wrong here?

How did you do it before, did you use dynamo or manually? I’m trying to create a sort of template to create Tunnel models using Dynamo&Revit for my Master thesis. The idea behind it is to get fully BIM/Revit Family objects to create foamwork & Rebar drawings.

20160401_Point at Parameter

Hi Wouter,

It’s impossible to tell from the above images but it looks like you’re not using an identical point assignment for Axis 1. Consider simply dividing the two curves in a similar manner and constructing new points from the two resulting lists - Point.ByCoordinates(axis1.X, axis.Y, profile1.Z)

Hi Dimitar,

yeah just tried it, and it works perfect!! Thanx a lot for your help