Finding file path of family types and deleting them

I’ve been working on a script to create, delete, and alter Family Types.

It’s working fine, the only step I yet have to take is deleting the files.
Now, I’ve already managed to get the right Family Type to delete through the FamilyType.ByName node, and I know there’s a File.Delete node to get rid of specific files.

The big question is how to get from a Family Type output to a file path so I can delete that specific file. If that’s the right way to go about it of course.

Thanks in advance!

Try Directory.Contents (see also the one in DanEdu package)

I do have both these nodes. I however do not have the knowledge how exactly these work. I’m also not exactly comfortable experimenting with them as I wouldn’t want to delete some file somewhere that has nothing to do with what I’m doing in Revit.

The testing phase is best done on test files, but I am not sure you could delete these files directly from Dynamo anyway…

I don’t know how this search function works exactly so I’m afraid I’d delete something that’s in a whole other project.

The other problem with this node is that it loads in a file, not a path to one.

Try to type “file path” in the Dictionary:

The annoyance is that there’s easy ways to get a file from a path, you can use these nodes you adviced to also find files.
Just getting the path is the problem.

Use String.Contains (Beaker has also interesting nodes for this kind of tasks) and then Filter.ByBooleanMask. See also if the Primer can’t help…