Looking for a way to automatically reload all families within a revit file from the families file path

Hi, all I’m pretty new to dynamo but got a good idea on how it works, I’m looking for some help on extracting the file paths of all the families within my Revit family and reloading them in, overwriting their types if possible. I have a lot of families that get updated regularly and want the current file I’m working on to reimport all the updated family changes. I have managed to reload families by using the family name and adding a prefix as a file path and a suffix as a file extension. But this only works if my families are in one folder location which they are not.
There are all over the place, can someone tell me how to extract or display the family file locations in the dynamo and if there’s a better way to reload them in. This would be great as I’m totally baffled.

I don’t think Revit keeps the original path, so likely your best bet is to either simplify the locations or build a new parameter into each family and store the path there.