Find lots of elements by parameter

Hello everyone! Help me please: I need to find elements with matching parameter values. And if these elements are found in the model, compare them and transfer parameter values.

Dynamo can find 1 element by parameter value from list, but what should I do when there are 1500+ elements in this list?

I’m a little confused by what you are trying to do, are you just trying to find all the rooms that have a specific parameter value based on another list of parameter values (from some other list of elements), find the matching pairs and then write some parameters from one to another?

Yes, that’s right!

Any ideas?


Sorry, I have been very busy and didn’t get a notification of your response. I have looked into the problem you are having and the string comparison node with boolean filter only picks up one element (not all matching cases regardless of how you Lace the nodes…not what I expected either). I scratched my head for a minute or so then got bored looking for the right node and wrote it in python instead.

The python node just does a comparison over 2 lists and returns the matching index pairs (nothing special). It could probably be made oh so much more beautiful (and this node probably exists, but I just installed Bakery and I’m suddenly swimming in nodes - Like I said, I got bored looking and it is getting late). I have done a Video Demo below as well as attached the script. I hope this is what you are after.

  • Step 1 - Get all the Elements and get the Parameters you wish to compare values
  • Step 2 - Compare and filter/sort the elements into the correct order if they are matching
  • Step 3 - Write some Parameter Data from one element to the other based on if a match was found.

Element2ElementParams.dyn (16.6 KB)

I’ll watch this thread from now so will pick up any responses.



Daniel!!! Thank you very much for your tremendous help! Everything works like a charm!


Very glad to help! Don’t forget to mark it as resolved and like it if you like it! :smile:


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just a possible twist on the selection methods…there are nodes in Archi-lab package that allow you to select elements of given type, by a parameter value. So let’s say I want all assembly instance elements that have a certain text in comments i can do this:


@Konrad_K_Sobon, this is really useful, I knew there would be something out there that did the trick, not surprised it’s one of yours.