Find elements with matching parameter values and apply another parameter

I am trying to compare elements of two different categories which have the same parameter. I want to find elements from each category which have matching parameter values. I then want to apply a single parameter value to all of those elements. The graph below is what I have so far. I can narrow the lists of elements down to the 5 matching values, but how do I get a list of all 10 of those elements so that I can apply the common parameter value?

You could join the lists after All Elements of Category node, use the combined list into GetParameter, then sort by key. Something like that should organize the list into matching parameter values.

Something like this:

I didn’t feel like making a whole project for this so just start with the List.Join (called Single list of elements in the picture) and for the keys input, feed in the output of Element.GetparameterValueByName


Thank you for the reply Kenny. I’m getting a “Dereferencing a non-pointer” error on the Element.GetParameterValueByName node. I added some additional nodes after the List.Join node to remove some of the elements I don’t want, but don’t think that is causing the issue. If I take those nodes out, I get the same result. Do you have any ideas?

The element input of GetParameterValueByName has to be elements. You are currently feeding it names/strings.

Use List.Join after All Elements of Category to get the single list of elements. Then, instead of filtering the parameter values, filter using the elements as the list input. See the picture below:

Let me know if it works or if you need any more help.

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I think that did the trick. Thank you!

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